Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sidestreet Band gives a FREE Concert in Marble Hill, Missouri

(Disclosure:  This article originally ran in The Banner Press - please support our local newspaper and pick a copy for the whole story) 

Just a group of good ol' boys is what you classify Sidestreet Band as.  They have a love for music, family, and
Photo Credit:  Sidestreet Band
their community - and if you have ever attended their show you can agree, as it is almost always a packed house!  

Sidestreet Band as Bill Hulvey put it is a rare traveling country music band, they play traditional country music - the old stuff like George Jones, Merl Haggard, and Porter Wagoner - he says now days, that is hard to find and that is why their shows are often so popular. 

In the band you have Bill Hulvey as lead guitar and vocalist,  Roger Bass on the bass guitar and vocals, Carl Hulvey on the piano, Thyrl Fisk on the guitar and vocals, and Donnie Fisk on the drums.   Both Bass and Hulvey agreed, that all the guys in the band are great musicians, which makes putting on shows even more fun.  

On August 31st at 2pm Sidestreet Band in bringing home the music to Marble Hill.  Sidestreet band is putting on a free family friendly concert in Magnolia Park.
Sidestreet Band says grab your lawn chair and come spend the day with them - you won't be sorry you did. 

To read the full story please pick up a copy of The Banner Press.  

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