Sunday, January 26, 2014

How Satan is Working Against My Family

In December we set out to find a new church to attend, one closer to home..we have actually been on this mission since we realized we were slipping away from God, because of the drive to church. 

The kids and I loved our church in Jackson, and still do, but I also loved that the church was a second home to us.  We now live an hours drive away from our church, leaving it hard get there as often as use to.

I promised the kids we would find a church that offered the same or similar benefits as our last church did.  Lesse loved her Wednesday night class, her youth pastor, and the fact that we could drop in 2 to 3 times a week for all different occasions.

D-man loved that he knew his classmates, his teachers, and he felt safe while Momma attended big people's church.

I loved that church was my extended family, I could call on any of them and they had an understanding way about them.

Now not that church isn't worth the hour drive, having God and your church family at your convenience is important. 

In December I found 2 local churches that seemed to offer close to the same benefits as our last church.  
When I use the term benefits, David said I sounded like I was shopping for an insurance reality I am!

Since finding those 2 local churches, we have had every disaster you could imagine.  Snow storms, illness, family drama, vehicle issues, more illness, and the list goes on...........

Today we were set, David was sick, but the kids and I planned to go anyways, but this morning Lesse woke up so congested that she could barely talk..........sighhhhhhh.  I once again said that we would have to put church off again...this time to avoid spreading germs.

I know this is Satan working against me, he knows my heart, he knows I long to have that connection I once had when I lived in Jackson, but he has found every way possible to distract, rearrange, and manipulate my plans.   BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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