Monday, September 16, 2013

I Secretly HATE Baby Pictures

I feel so mean to say I hate looking at other people's baby pictures, I love babies, in fact I would have
dozens of kids if I didn't have to raise them.

However, every time someone else's picture of their sweet baby pops up in my newsfeed, I get an angry notion over me, not at that person, but out of pain.   I often have flashbacks of when Lesse and D-man were infants, when I had so many dreams for them, so many hopes, so many there is the reality of it all.

To be honest, there are few pictures of me cuddling with my children, there are few pictures of my sweet babies proudly wearing "I love my Mommy" bibs, shirts, hats, or anything.

While I juggled my kids, stayed up half the night burping, feeding, wiping their dirty butts....there is few photos of me smiling and cuddling my sweet children.

I blame one person for this; MYSELF.....

Dear fellow Momma's, MAKE someone take your picture with your sweet baby, if no one (even their father) buys that shirt that says I love mommy...BUY IT YOURSELF.   Don't wake up one day with news feed full of baby pictures and say, dang it I hate babies!

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