Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Restaurant Review Policy

Restaurant reviews are simple, I don't give bad reviews and I don't give good reviews, I simply tell it like it is.

I am a mom on a budget and I know how hard it is to take my family out to eat without breaking the bank.  When I dine out with my family of five, I don't want anyone to go away unsatisfied, so I treat the restaurants I review the same way. 

If I spend $50 at your dinning establishment then I expect to leave $50 poorer, but still $50 happier.

I have a mental, sometimes written, list of guidelines that I  judge a restaurant on:

  • How was my service?  Did I feel like was a bother, or did they make me feel comfortable?  There is nothing worse than sitting down at a restaurant and feeling like you are just interrupting their day?
  • Did the price match their food, service, and drinks?   
  • How knowledgeable was the staff?  What could they tell me about what I was ordering?  
  • How was the facility, was it clean, did it seem safe for who I was dining with? 
  • Would I bring my kids to the establishment?  I often dine with my kids, but I also dine out with my friends too.  I am clear and to the point, good or bad for kids?
  • Variety on the menu, I want to see what all they have to offer, and if they offer something for everyone. 
  • Would I go back?  Who would I take if I go back?  If the place is just okay, I am going to say they are just okay.  If they are fabulous, then I will most likely go back and show the place off. 
I am not a food writer, while I LOVE TO EAT, I am not someone who understand what you pair red wine with, what fork you eat salad with, and I could care a less how many calories my burger has in it.  What I am, is someone who knows when I eat something yummy, if a place is "overpriced", and the value of good service.

I wish I could categorize my restaurant reviews by location, but that is near impossible.  You can find them under the restaurant review tab, and you can search my blog for what city they are located in (ex:  Restaurant Reviews Cape Girardeau).  


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